AVET-USA is a company that was founded in 2003 whose main purpose is to provide environmental friendly and cost efficient floor cleaning tools.


The founder has over thirty years’ experience in developing commercial floor cleaning tools for many large companies in the commercial industry.


AVET-USA is committed to producing high quality products and providing exceptional service thus setting high industry standards.


Made in the USA.


The Speedmop floor cleaning tool is designed with a unique pressurized refill tank. This tank creates a fine mist which sprits directly towards the floor. This unique function conserves cleaning solution.


The pressurized refill tank is one of the many key differentiators AVET-USA has towards competitors. Competitor’s tools use gravity to dispense water and cleaning solution. With one 20oz tank the competitors will clean only about 850 sqf.  The Speedmop floor cleaning tool will clean about 2,000 sqf. With AVET-USA’s fine mist function we focus on conserving water, time, and being cost efficient.


AVET- USA Products are exported in many countries and supplies large commercial cleaning contractor and cleaning solution manufactures.

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